The thing about independence

This weekend the United States celebrates its declaration of independence from Great Britain, made in 1776. An event that is, as all historical events are, a mix of hopefulness, exclusion, ethnocentrism, positivity and harm, progress and potential. We acknowledge this mix with humility and dedication to rise to the promises made. We can also focus … Continue reading The thing about independence

Pine Street Episode 202: Recalibration

There was a time when David would never have done such a thing: bring groceries to someone, leave before they could thank him, much less before he could plant the seed for what he wanted in return. The experience of giving freely has made David giddy with joy. He feels fifty pounds lighter, and ten … Continue reading Pine Street Episode 202: Recalibration

Pine Street Episode 201: Recalibration

Summer starts, according to the calendar, the third week in June. For many North American humans, including our friends on Pine Street, the rhythms of the climate make the end of May feel like the true start of the warm season.  By the end of May, the spring blossoms are fading to a delicate shade … Continue reading Pine Street Episode 201: Recalibration