Pine Street Episode 196

Vulnerable seniors. Douglas struggled with the knowledge that this phrase applied to him. Except when he looked in the mirror, he thought of himself as a man in his thirties, or occasionally, a teenager of eighteen or nineteen, with a whole life to look forward to. But no, here he was, turning seventy, married for … Continue reading Pine Street Episode 196

Pine Street Episode 195

Leo’s cell phone interrupted his meditation on loss. He shifted Precious to the porch so he could dig it out of his pocket. “Hello?”  “Leo, it’s David.” Leo’s heart lurched. Douglas, David’s father, was in the hospital. “David, is everything okay? Is it your dad?” “No. I mean, yes. Dad’s okay, for now. No change. … Continue reading Pine Street Episode 195

Faith, hope, and charity

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I wrote a series of short stories inspired by "faith, hope, and charity" - the cardinal virtues. More recently, in watching the documentary "The Roosevelts," I heard this quote from FDR's acceptance speech at the 1936 Democratic convention: "We do not see faith, hope and … Continue reading Faith, hope, and charity

The interdependence of life

Last night we watched a Nature special on the wildlife of Cuba. Beautiful, funny, terrifying. (I'd forgotten how these depictions of animal life always include the element of menace: a baby sea turtle, hours old, madly paddling her way across the sand to the ocean, the deep water that is, for her, relative safety; we … Continue reading The interdependence of life

Any way the wind blows

Spring in my town is like this: sunrainwindhailsunrainsleetsunwind, windwindwindwindwin, sun. Sometimes, that's all in one day. This pandemic is like that too, highs and lows and everything in between, all in a single day. Good news = sun, bad news = rain, that cough I have every spring due to allergies = a hailstorm of … Continue reading Any way the wind blows