The power of the imagination

Write on the River - the annual writers' conference in Wenatchee - held many moments of joy. Mostly, for me, it was leading a workshop and helping about thirty other writers connect with their imaginations to move their creative work forward. But it also meant getting time with my mom, meeting other authors, seeing the … Continue reading The power of the imagination

My Writing Process Blog Hop

Last week the fabulous Ute Carbone tagged me in this blog series that features authors talking about our "writing process." We're all answering a set of questions to provide a little window into our work and lives as writers. If you're following along, I hope for two things: one, we'll inspire you to continue creating … Continue reading My Writing Process Blog Hop

Thoughts on ending a novel

A few days before the NaNo month ended, I wrote a meditation on the experience of ending a novel for The Writers' Vineyard, the blog where Champagne authors share thoughts about writing, and life. Here's an excerpt: I know the ending will bring loss; I know it will bring forgiveness. I don't know (yet) which … Continue reading Thoughts on ending a novel