The spirituality of goats, and Elmore Leonard

I love goats. It's entirely abstract, this love of mine, because I've never owned or had to care for an actual goat. I've met a few, scratched their funny goat ears, and been slightly unnerved by their spooky goat eyes. I love that they¬†can bring to mind the devil and unchecked lust, or they can … Continue reading The spirituality of goats, and Elmore Leonard

Good readers – Writers Vineyard

My July contribution to the Writers Vineyard, the blog for Champagne Book Group authors, is about reading, the joy and power of it. It's this week's Project Create, and I should really dedicate it to the Ellensburg Public Library, one of those magical places that lets you take books home for nothing but the promise … Continue reading Good readers – Writers Vineyard