Spoken Word as Art: Index Arts Festival

I'm excited to return to the Index Arts Festival this Saturday, August 1, to participate in the spoken word portion of the program. I'll read from new and unpublished work, between 11am and 1pm. Join me for a day of art, food, outdoor beauty, and joyful music in the sweet and salty town of Index, … Continue reading Spoken Word as Art: Index Arts Festival

One book, one day: Index Arts Festival

There are lots of ways to measure success, I guess. You could look at number of books sold, royalties paid, hits on a website, comments on a blog. I love and welcome all those things. My favorite, the one that brings true delight, is connecting with readers and writers. In other words, humans. By that … Continue reading One book, one day: Index Arts Festival

Live Reading: Index Arts Festival

This Saturday, August 2, I'll join the¬†poets, musicians, and artists celebrating all things creative at the Index Arts Festival in the tiny town of Index, Washington. There will be live music, readings, an open mic, and art, art, art, art, art. I'll be one of the featured participants in the spoken word program, which runs … Continue reading Live Reading: Index Arts Festival