Death, Heaven, God, and Sci-Fi

In the last couple of weeks I've experienced two descriptions of powerful mystical visions of death, heaven, and God: one from the Catholic church, and one from Robert Heinlein. I attended a funeral mass at a church run by Carmelite brothers, the same week I finished reading Heinlein's Job: A Comedy of Justice. While they … Continue reading Death, Heaven, God, and Sci-Fi

The Journey at Home (Hint: Word Hunters, Look Here!)

Most stories involve travel, in the form of a journey. You know the cliché about the “hero’s journey.” It’s used all the time because it’s something we can relate to – the need to get away, to explore, to experience the unfamiliar and unknown, to travel far and wide before we can find our way … Continue reading The Journey at Home (Hint: Word Hunters, Look Here!)