Write your congressperson

Okay, that's a trick title for this post... although, after reading it, you still might decide to write your congressperson, and I would wholeheartedly support that. But I wanted to warn you, I am going to get on a soap box. (Metaphorically, of course. There is no soap box in my house that would support … Continue reading Write your congressperson

Poised to take off… and easy to root for

In the last week I've been lucky enough to see Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs twice: headlining a bill at Raw Space in their hometown of Ellensburg, and playing a free show at Hiawatha Community Center in West Seattle. Two completely different venues, audiences, atmospheres. (Fortunately, no one at Hiawatha needed to be bounced … Continue reading Poised to take off… and easy to root for