A Tale of Passion, Friendship, Love, and Music

In the last eighteen months I’ve seen some amazing shows put on by accomplished musicians. Three sparked a little meditation on passion, friendship, and love: Chris Rea; Eric Clapton; and the Panindias Brothers. Rea, the best blues/rock/jazz singer-songwriter and slide guitarist working today; Clapton, the guitar god, whose voice is perhaps a bit underrated by … Continue reading A Tale of Passion, Friendship, Love, and Music

That’s what music can do

Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, Tractor Tavern, Ballard (Seattle), 30 December 2010 You’ve been to enough concerts, seen enough live bands to know, sometimes they’re strong from start to finish, sometimes they start slow and build, sometimes they just never quite sync. And sometimes, you can identify the exact moment when it all comes … Continue reading That’s what music can do