The importance of sport, or, it’s only a game

Regular readers, friends, and family know I am not much of a football fan. My game is baseball. I adore watching all levels, from community kids playing Babe Ruth to serious young women throwing heat (underhand!) in college softball to the terrific Apple Sox of the college league to the majors. As I write this, … Continue reading The importance of sport, or, it’s only a game

Being there…116 times

Tonight the Seattle Mariners celebrated the tenth anniversary of their record-setting, 116 win season in 2001. It's not that kind of season this year; it's not even a 2009 kind of season, which will go down in history as the happiest third-place in a four-team division finish ever. And I confess I haven't been following … Continue reading Being there…116 times

Come on, Canucks – next year, eh?

The one thing you ask for from sports is to be taken away - to watch physically talented men and women compete fiercely and with deep respect for the game and each other - so for a while you can forget there's a whole complex and challenging world out there, and pretend there is nothing … Continue reading Come on, Canucks – next year, eh?

Miracles can happen, at least in baseball

If you ever find yourself doubting that miracles can happen, just remember this... after a dismal start to the season, the Seattle Mariners won their fifth in a row tonight, all five on the road, handing the Red Sox their first shut out at Fenway in a little more than a year. Doug Fister threw over … Continue reading Miracles can happen, at least in baseball

We interrupt this novel: Tribute to Dave Niehaus

It is six thirty pm Wednesday, November 10, and we've known for a little more than an hour that Dave Niehaus, voice of the Seattle Mariners, passed away today. It seems a heart attack took him from his family, his friends, his colleagues, and his game. And from all of us who counted on his … Continue reading We interrupt this novel: Tribute to Dave Niehaus

The outer limits of failure

There’s a lot in the press these days about Ken Griffey Junior waiting too long to retire. Should he have bowed out at the end of last year, after his teammates carried him off the field in the happiest celebration of a third-place finish in a four-team division in baseball history. Should he have called it … Continue reading The outer limits of failure