Some New Stuff

I’ve reorganized this thing, blog-web page combo thing, a bit. Over on the top right under the mysterious header photo, you’ll now see two new pages,”Stories” and “The Book.”

On the Stories page, you’ll find short pieces, mostly fiction, a few little slice of life essays. I wrote the current one on a dare, and just submitted it to a story contest. Fingers crossed…

On The Book page, I’ll be posting chapters and scenes from the novel I’m working on, in a shameless attempt to generate interest and get some good suggestions. There’s a scene there now that includes a long flight, a BB King concert, and a woman improbably named Zinnia. Take a look and let me know what you think.

I’ll continue to post shorter thoughts and pictures here on the main page, too. Like this one of my dog, trying to get away from the camera…

Hope you enjoy.

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