You Jane: The NaNoWriMo Story

Ending posted! It’s complete…as in complete mess! Happy reading, and happy December!!

You can click here to read You Jane, the NaNoWriMo novel-in-a-month. Here’s a synopsis:

Jane and Charlie have been best friends since college. Charlie’s stuck in a less than happy marriage, and Jane’s at the bar again, drinking to try to stop the next parable from coming. When Jane writes her stories, they have a tendency to come true; as they grow more powerful, she finds herself at the center of a circle of friends whose lives become increasingly chaotic, until they collide in a long day and night at Molly’s pub. Will Jane and Charlie finally admit their love for each other? Will the self-doubting angel find a way to outwit the wicked spirit in the battle to guide Jane’s pen? Will the little stuffed monkey with holes in its socks save another life? “I wrote another one, Charlie,” Jane whispers into a dead phone line, “and this one might have a happy ending.”

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