Grace and faith

It’s a new year, and time to get back to working on The Book. I’ve posted a new excerpt (read it on The Book page), one that seems especially appropriate for the spirit of renewal that takes over (we hope) this time of year. It’s about grace.

Grace can find us at the oddest times, like when you see your old dog finally fall asleep after being up and agitated for a while, and see the look on his face, peaceful and sweet like a puppy. Or when a friend sends a message in the middle of his night just to share a bright spot in the darkness.

Or when a dream reminds you all you need to do is give love, and sooner or later, everything will be fine. 

“The thing about grace, if you believe in that stuff, is it comes whether you deserve it or not. It comes because someone or something wants to give it, not because you want it or need it or earn it. You can earn respect, you can deserve kindness, you can ask for help. But grace either comes to you or it doesn’t. You can’t do anything to influence it. The only thing you can do is recognize it.”


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