Really really short stories

Narrative Magazine now takes submissions for what they call ‘iStories,’ stories of 150 words or less meant for reading on an iPad, iPod, or iTouch. Here’s one I’m planning to submit – tell me what you think of it!


Can you slow down time? he asked her.

She did that thing, that tying-her-hair-into-a-knot-near-the-top-of-her-head thing. He knew what it meant; she was done with the conversation, done with him, at least for now.

For god’s sake, Carl, she said. For god’s sake.

But she’d had so many answers for him, until now. He hoped, prayed she could do it again. Time seemed to trap him in this moment of wanting her to answer, and watching her tie her hair in a knot instead.

I’m sorry, he said out loud. I’m sorry. Can we just – 

She’d already walked away, chasing their two-year-old son. Billy giggled with delight at being caught by his mother, scooped up and kissed, while her hair started to slip its knot.

Catch time, catch me, Carl thought, you can do that, can’t you?

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