Music brings people together


Avolition at the Dakota Cafe

“You really should listen to these guys.”

That’s how it often starts, isn’t it? Someone shares music they’ve discovered, explored, appreciated, loved. You listen. You explore, appreciate, love, and feel you must share with someone else, who you think will love it, too.

Music brings people together.

Then, sometimes, even more wonderful things happen. You get to hear the music live, maybe even meet the people who make it, maybe even become friends.

Music brings people together.

Almost a year ago, my brother said that to me – “you really should listen to these guys.” He was talking about Avolition, the Ellensburg-based band that, at the time, was in the beginning phase of its publish-a-song-a-week marathon for 2011. At first I was impressed by the idea, the commitment, the courage. Soon enough I fell in love with the music, too, and started sharing it – and now it has at least one listener in Switzerland.

Music brings people together.

Now I’m also privileged to consider the members of Avolition as friends, because of how they welcomed me into their world. On a recent Friday night, I got to hear them play live at a great spot here in Eburg, the Dakota Café. The DC was completely sold out, all tables reserved, but the owner and staff graciously let a few of us sit in the chairs at the back, order a glass or two of wine, and enjoy the music. I had a wonderful conversation with someone who I hope is a new friend. And listened to more great music, the voices and guitars and harp and drums of Avolition as both backdrop and foreground, and their sound just keeps getting better, as they work on old and new songs, as they try new things. One new song includes a line about realizing there are “too many miles between me and my dreams.” Well. Call it the midlife crisis song, or call it my life, or just call it a reminder that dreams aren’t meant to be so far away – chasing dreams is as important a task as any other you’ll do today. Maybe more important.

Music brings people and dreams together.

I also got the chance, finally, to hear another band live that I’ve had several people introduce to me with that same phrase – “you really should listen to these guys.” Open Country Joy played a benefit for the CWU Geology Club. Yes, here in Eburg a college geology club can get one of the best bands I’ve ever heard play a set for a cover of five dollars. These guys play what I can only call rock-country-funk, and they play it well. The Tea Party Horns joined them, and so did Nick Zentner, and a joyous time was had by all, with fantastic musicianship front and center. OCJ’s drummer seemed unable to stop smiling, and so did I.

Music brings people together for a good cause. And leaves us happier than we were before.

You really should listen to these guys.

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