Forgiveness on one side, bitterness on the other: NaNo pushes on

I’ve posted the chapters from The Law of Immediate Forgiveness through November 22. Getting caught up on word production now, and hope to post more soon. Meanwhile, here’s another teaser: a vision of the alternative futures of the world, as seen by the young boy who is also a shaman: Bow.

Bow was with his grandfather, for the first time in his life. His shaman’s second sight was finely tuned, and he knew his grandfather was worried about the girl, but Bow knew what was more important to be worried about.

Marq Pilgrim Junior was back. He had already tried to convince Geoffrey that he was Professor Fogarty. Geoffrey and Marseille were following him, but they weren’t going to confront him if they didn’t have to.

Bow was the one who knew this wasn’t so much a game of chess as a giant game of hide and seek.

And the prize was the future of the human race. Bow knew that, too: if the Law of Immediate Forgiveness never saw the light of day, things would go on pretty much as they had been, and human beings would work themselves toward self-destruction. Bow saw that future of the world, clear as a bell, on one side of the flat, straight highway.

On the other side of the asphalt, Bow saw the future of the world when the Law of Immediate Forgiveness was operating as it should. If the last piece of hidden information was found, and the formula was completed, and the Law went into full effect. That side of the highway showed the world when deep peace, contentment, and love would take over. Human beings living in peaceful coexistence with themselves, one another, all the wondrous creatures of the planet, even the rocks, dirt, sagebrush, and air. No need for greed or hunger. Just the boundless and beautiful play of Dog.

As Bow looked ahead, the trick of perspective made the highway look like it narrowed into a point. At that point, the two worlds would collide. Forgiveness on one side, bitterness on the other.

Bow, his grandfather, and the old Dodge truck would be right in the middle of this collision.

So would the Chevy Yukon they were chasing, with Amy June, Licky, and Professor Fogarty in it.

Read more here.

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