It’s World Book Night!

In a couple of hours I’ll meet up with a group of other book lovers from my town to give away free books as part of the World Book Night event. Thanks to our wonderful organizer, we have several locations around this community to visit today: our senior center, food bank, student union building at the college, among others. The purpose of World Book Night is to encourage low and non-readers to fall in love with books.

Due to the generosity of the World Book Night organization, and its participating authors and publishers, each giver receives 20 free copies of their selected book, with the only “requirement” being to give them all away. I’m thrilled to be a small part of it – there are thousands of givers distributing more thousands of books all over the US and the UK today.

Look around your community today, and if you see a person with a “Proud to be a WBN Giver” sticker and an armful of books, cheer him or her on – spreading the magical joy of reading as a way of healing our world.

I’ll post more soon!


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