Northwest Bookfest: See you there!

Seattle-area writer-types (and reader-types, for that matter): This coming weekend, November 2-3, brings Northwest Bookfest to Kirkland (at Northwest University). Digital publishing is this year’s theme, and they have a terrific lineup of workshops and panels.

On Sunday morning at nine, I’ll present a workshop on “Connecting With Readers: Analog Adventures in a Digital World.” That one’s for registered participants.

Then at 10:30, I’ll join a panel of really cool science fiction and fantasy writers (Terry Persun, Nicole Persun, Elizabeth Guizetti, and Alma Alexander ) and we’ll converse wittily about writing science fiction and fantasy. (Of course we’ll be witty! All writers are witty!) The panel is free and open to the public and will run until about noon.

For those of you who will be suffering from baseball withdrawal, I’ll do my best to toss in at least one metaphor from America’s past time. And you’ll still have time to get home (or to your favorite pub) to watch the Seahawks game, and you’ll feel so much better having exercised your mind before settling in front of the big screen.

Come one, come all!

2 thoughts on “Northwest Bookfest: See you there!

  1. Hi Liz- How’s this work into your NaNo noveling? I’m doing my second NaNo this time and have enjoyed posting about it for the first time…you should get their live word counter widget…I did and it looks so cool!!!! BTW- Also cool that you are part of a writers conference…try to enjoy it free of NaNo-guilt! Best wishes on this first weekend in Nov…


  2. Good question Laura – I will be NaNo noveling on breaks, and late at night. That’s okay, because I seem to be able to write late at night during NaNo (not so much the rest of the year). Thanks for the good wishes – and same to you! I hope your NaNo is thoroughly delightful!
    PS. I have added the word counter widget. I love watching those thingies click up! 🙂


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