It starts in a cemetery

As I write this, All Hallows Eve ends and the Day of the Dead begins. So does National Novel Writing Month. Once again I am about to immerse myself in the deep waters of creating fifty thousand words in thirty days. (There’s enough mixed metaphors there to wake the dead and keep them dancing all day. That’s a good start to the craziness of NaNo-ing.)

This year I succumb to the temptation to write a sequel. Those of you who followed the adventures of Amy June Pilgrim, her Grandpa Marq, and the three-legged black Lab Licky last November will find out what they are all up to now. And so will I, because with the exception of this little blurb, as of this moment I have no real clue where their story will go. I only know it begins in a cemetery, three years after their quest to find the Law of Immediate Forgiveness ended.
Amy June Pilgrim faces a new adventure. She has her cousin Bow, the shaman in training, her best friend Geoffrey, and Licky the three-legged black Lab with her. But she no longer has her Grandpa Marq Pilgrim to lead the way. Before Grandpa Marq died, he made a last request of Amy June and the team. They all know it’s impossible to fulfill, but they’re determined to do it anyway. If they fail, they’ll lose each other. If they succeed, they might just gain the whole world. 
I think this one will be called “The Law of the Impossible Return.” But who knows? By November 30, it might be something completely different. I will post it here as the story and the month unfold.

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