Completely finished…?

In my contribution to the Writers Vineyard this month, I ponder what it means to finish a book. Or if we ever really are completely finished.

Here’s an excerpt:

Maybe it’s perfectionism, although I think there’s something more. I think there is also a reluctance to let go of these characters, in this world. Oh, sure – about two-thirds of the way through major editing round whatever, I’m sick of them all and need a break. But at this moment, preparing to launch them into the world, I’m not quite ready to let go.

One of my dear friends is launching her oldest son, as he graduates from high school and prepares to head for college. Not a parent myself, I wonder if there is some parallel. Don’t go yet, I think, I’m not done with you. I still need to nurture you a bit, keep you protected, under my wing. Just a little longer.

Read it all, and the contributions of other terrific authors, here.

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