Savvy Authors: Small Press, Big Rewards

Here’s an excerpt from my recent contribution to the Savvy Authors blog, a little bit of a thing about working with a small press. (Last week, when it came out, I was puppy-sitting a small dog. Small puppy, big distraction!)

I remember the moment I opened the email that held within its deceptively simple pixellated words the phrase “contract offer.” I squealed like a little girl who just won the biggest, fluffiest, pinkest stuffed pony at the circus midway. Moments of suspense passed heavily for my boyfriend, who could not understand the meaning behind my squealing. “Is everyone okay? Is it bad news? Are you all right? Do you need the Heimlich? How many fingers am I holding up?” He tried everything until I calmed down enough to explain I’d just been offered a contract to publish my first novel.

Read the whole post here. 

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