Summertime: On The Writers Vineyard

A few morsels of thought on weddings, road trips, fires, sunsets, and the images they provide to help tell the stories we hold inside in my contribution to The Writers Vineyard.

It’s August, time for all those wonderful long sunny weekends filled with picnics, gatherings, weddings, parties, camping, road trips, time outdoors. Sunshine and fresh air, and time spent gazing at beautiful night skies packed with stars.

Smoke from one of our fires competes with sunset.

Smoke from one of our fires competes with sunset.

Well, our night skies here in central Washington state are a little smoky. Fire season is underway, thousands of acres and dozens of square miles burning from lightning strikes in a hot, dry, windy summer. Homes lost, families relocating, animals chased out of their habitats, and firefighters spreading themselves thin.

Read it all here.

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