We are tiny, thank goodness: On TWV

My contribution to The Writers’ Vineyard this month is inspired by a Pale Blue Dot.

You might remember one of the most famous photos of our planet. It’s often referred to as the Pale Blue Dot. Taken from the Voyager I space probe in 1990, it shows the entire planet Earth as a tiny pale blue speck, less than a pixel.

A friend of mine reminded me of this photo when she shared a video clip with Carl Sagan narrating the story of the Pale Blue Dot and its meaning. All we are, have been, and will ever be, all of human history, our wars and battles, our triumphs and failures, our love affairs, families, communities, arts, books, everything about being human takes place on this tiny speck of the vast universe.

The images and narration combine to create a beautiful story of both our insignificance and our importance.

Read it all here.

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