It’s not Thursday, but…

Business and other pesky gnats got the better of me over the weekend, so I partially recycled (let’s call it “upcycled” and make it sound trendy!) so I upcycled a post from last fall for my contribution to The Writers Vineyard.

The early autumn swarms of gnats are baaa-aack, and so are the potential distractions from writing.

You know how it is: you’re cruising along writing your thousand words a day, loving your work, basking in it like our fall sunshine, then BAM! You’re swatting and snorting out gnats of fear, insecurity, envy, procrastination, and did I mention fear?
So you can close the door on that beautiful day to hide from the gnats, or you can figure out ways to keep them at bay until they naturally subside again. 

Read it all here. 

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