Swooping Through November, on TWV

My contribution to The Writers Vineyard this month is all about the swoop. Here’s a taste:

I’m not certain why we feel it’s so important to claim our tribe. Maybe because writing is essentially solitary, so we cling to anything that creates a sense of not being in it alone. Or maybe we spend so much time working on something before it gets to readers (often years), we need some interim validation along the way. Perhaps our inner students want to prove we do it “right” (“we’re bashers, bashers rule, neener neener!”).

You can read the whole post here.

And, faithful readers, I am most certainly NaNo-ing this year. My fifth year of taking part in the crazy joy of writing fifty thousand words in thirty days. I’m working on book three in Amy June Pilgrim’s saga.

I won’t be posting daily, as I’ve done the past few years. But do watch this space. When I land on something good, I might just share it.

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