3 Days, 3 Quotes: Day Two

One of the fun parts of this challenge is finding new quotes to share. I’m not one of those people who remembers quotes precisely, so I have to look them up anyway. Then, thanks to that ol’ Google magic, I find new ones I like even better.

Here’s one I found today, looking for something else B.B. King said. You all know this world lost Riley “Blues Boy” King last month, also age 89. (At least, if you follow this blog, you know it. B.B. King and Lucille are in my heart and soul forever.)

Lucky for all of us still on this planet, B.B. and Lucille left lots of music behind. Lucille’s “quotes” are all in the songs. But B.B., he shared some wisdom on the written page, too.

Here’s the one I chose for today, because it speaks to all who desire to share our art with others:

“If you can’t get your songs to people one way, you have to find another.”

Of course, B.B. also said nobody loves me but my mother, and she might be jivin’, too.

Have a listen.


On to the business of the challenge: Thank you Laura Bruno Lilly for tagging me. And my second tag goes out to Matthew Curry, a tremendous artist and author. Check them out!

2 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes: Day Two

  1. Oh yeah….play it BB!
    The quote is where it’s at for true musicians…getting it heard is a driving force within, not the fame or fortune…though being able to make a decent living on it would be nice. 😉


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