Neo NaNo, a bit more than halfway

In the last 17 days I’ve done a lot of writing. I’m making progress on developmental edits on my novel-length manuscript and I’ve drafted six more episodes of the serial.

Since the election, I’ve also spent time with local organizations doing peace vigils and marches. In our community, several weeks before the election, some KKK recruiting pamphlets were tossed onto driveways and sidewalks. It prompted many to respond strongly, organizing neighbors using a “Not in Our Town” methodology, including city and county official proclamations and a peace march of about 500 or so people that I was able to join this week. My online time has been devoted to researching ways to participate in upholding the values I cherish:

inclusion, compassion, protecting the vulnerable, protecting our mother earth, and loving kindness for all

And these values find their way into and through my writing, as characters grapple with the real issues we confront. Oh, and one more:

a sense of humor

Thank goodness.


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