Come visit Pine Street

The official launch of the Pine Street tales is one week from today, on Christmas Day. Each episode will share stories of a set of quirky characters making do with what life offers in a small town. Some of our Pine Street friends are starting out, some are well into mid life, and some are preparing for their final chapters. Franny will be our eyes and ears, a newcomer to town who is rebooting her life. And, as she notes, the problem with starting your life over is “you actually have to start your life over.”

Here’s a teaser from episode one:

Moving house in December – what a silly idea, Franny thought. But if I can survive my first winter here, perhaps I will know this is home. She looked around the nearly empty apartment, nestled on a corner in her newly adopted town. The large north-facing windows gathered in as much pale wintry light as the sun deigned to make available. Thanks to her one local friend, Franny had two camp chairs, a small dining table, a crock pot, and a loaf of very good bread.

Humor, romance, politics, and homemade soup will play starring roles. The first 12 episodes will release one a day and then will shift to one a week. Assuming Franny does survive that first winter, of course…

I hope you will like Pine Street enough to visit often.

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