A good day starts with “what if…?”

Five years ago – time surely does fly by. As days disappear, my gratitude to everyone who helped make An Alien’s Guide to World Domination a real book (!!!) deepens.

Elizabeth Fountain, Author

A story starts with an idea. An idea that usually comes in the form of a question:

“What if…?”

  • What if misfits here on Earth turned out to be beings from other planets, all trying to figure out how to fit in?
  • What if alien CEO’s were just as incompetent as many Earth bosses?
  • What if dogs really are from Mars?

These ideas gave shape to An Alien’s Guide to World Domination; the book release party we threw in Ellensburg last weekend gave shape to even more.

  • What if no one shows up?
  • What if everyone shows up?
  • What if we don’t have enough cookies?

Well, over one hundred people did show up for the party, and while we didn’t run out of cookies, all the other food was pretty much decimated. There’s some leftover bottled water and white grape juice in my refrigerator, and a small pile of tote…

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