Pine Street Episode 112

In the living room of Marilyn’s old house, now David’s house, the friends sat together. Each imagined how Kassandra’s story might end.

Two teenage girls, the freedom of summer vacation, and a too-charming boy.

“There’s no tragedy here,” Kassandra spoke softly. “No violence, or anything like that. It’s just, well, the end of a friendship, and…” she halted.

“I hope you weren’t about to say ‘the end of innocence.’ That’s a terrible cliche,” David said.

He’s trying for sarcasm, but underneath, he’s scared, Franny thought. She’d immediately assumed “D.J.” in the story to be David, now back in Kassandra’s life by some fantastic coincidence or other. Back a dozen years or so after whatever had happened that summer. Eagerness to know more about David’s past made her urge Kassandra to continue.

“Don’t mind him,” Franny said. “Go on.”

“Only if you really want to.” Allison’s usually small voice was firm as she sent a cautionary look Franny’s way.  “No pressure, Kass.”

Kass? Franny was surprised by Allison’s use of a nickname for Kassandra. They must be closer friends than I realized. There is so much I never know about the people I see every day.

“It’s okay. I mean, if you all aren’t bored, or anything.” Kassandra smiled. “It makes me a little sad to realize how long it’s been since I saw Sasha. But that’s good. I mean, it doesn’t feel back to miss her. She was my best friend. She deserves to be missed.”

Let’s hope all our friends will say that about us when the time comes, Franny thought.

“Anyway, there’s not much left. The three of us, D.J., Sasha, and me, we all went to the outdoor movie together. It was a really old movie. Vertigo, it’s called, one of Hitchock’s movies. I remember thinking, this is just like a Hitchcock movie, later that night. About halfway through the movie. I had gone to the bathroom, and when I came back to our blanket, Sasha and D.J. were gone.”

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