Vote your gratitude

Voting is one of the most important responsibilities and privileges of our democracy. And this November, we experience one of the most important elections of our lives.

Please vote.

My wish for you as you complete your ballot, place it in a mailbox or drop box, or go to your polling place, is that you find a way to vote your gratitude.

Vote based on what you feel grateful for: shelter, food, health, friendship, love, a job, kindness, family, safety.

Do not vote your fears. Do not believe those who tell us that our wealth depends on poverty for others, that our freedom depends on oppressing others, that our communities depend on excluding others. Do not believe those who try to make you afraid of your fellow humans, who are also seeking prosperity, freedom, and community.

Prosperity, good health, safety, peace, and kindness all expand by including more people in their benefits.

Vote the way you most deeply believe will allow as many of our fellow humans to participate in these things as possible. If your belief leads you to different conclusions than mine about who or what to vote for, peace.

We each have a voice, our power is the ballot, our obligation is to use what others have fought long and hard for us to have: the right to cast a vote.

Vote your gratitude this November.

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