Pine Street Episode 134

Spring on the “other” side of the mountains, far from Pine Street, closer to the moderating effect of the ocean, was a very different experience. Although the strange late-winter snow had buried the entire state, for a while, the other side soon found itself back in its usual pattern of gradual lightening of the grey that blanketed each day. Once in a while, a brisk wind would blow the clouds away, revealing blue sky and sending seagulls and starlings swirling on its drafts. The denizens of this “other” side would be drawn out of doors, only to be chilled to the bone by the wind. 

On the whole, they much preferred the incremental change of seasons, becoming connoisseurs of various shades of grey.

This included Sasha. Deeply tempting though it was to show up on David’s doorstep, to disrupt his small-town idyll, to win him back, the climate helped hold her to home. She could not quite imagine living year-round in such extremes of cold and heat. 

No, reunion with David depended on luring him back to the city, back to the lifestyle Sasha loved and she knew David would love, too, much as he would learn to love her again. 

She’d grown so much since they were together, and she longed for the chance to demonstrate to him her new depth of understanding, her revised character. 

In the meantime, she waited, as spring waited for its chance to be revealed in all its other-side glory.

That day arrived in early April. The wind arrived, but this time it did not bring a bone-curdling chill. This time, it carried the lightness and warmth of the sun to every corner of the city. The thick grey overcast dissipated, leaving puffs of white clouds sailing in its wake. Baby crows stretched their immature wings, cawing out their desire to try flight for the first time.

Sasha stepped outside, ready to walk to her favorite coffee shop, and watched as the sky turned the shade of blue that only sky over water can achieve.  

She snapped a quick selfie, coffee mug in hand, blue sky in the background, and texted it to David, with no words to accompany it. Her message was clear: 

Wish you were here.

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