Pine Street Episode 146

That’s a nice spot to pause Franny and Leo for a bit, isn’t it? They are in love, happy, transforming themselves from who they were before to who they will be with one another. 

They’ll still be involved with their friends on Pine Street, of course. They can’t avoid it. That’s how small towns work. No one is ever completely outside the main story.

David wants to cause trouble in their world; he probably will. He’s smart enough and sad enough to distract himself that way. But Sasha has other plans for David, and herself, and we’ll want to find out what they are.

Allison needs Leo’s help on the renovation of her green house. He’s happy to help, of course; he always is, which is why his own projects often languish. But Allison also is drawn to figure out David’s issues, perhaps as way to avoid dwelling on her mother’s ill health and her father’s lack of ability to cope.

Kassandra continues to be the ray of sunshine on Pine Street. Even as summer heats up, her light shines brightly. So does her art. We’ll discover one of her pieces, and where it takes her. Kassandra deserves a little fame, and don’t worry, it won’t go to her head. She’s too kind for that.

Let’s not forget Douglas and Louise, either. They were regular coffee dates in the late winter and early spring. It’s quite possible, don’t you think, that Douglas deserves another round of love in his life; and Louise certainly deserves her first. 

With all that to follow, we can let Franny and Leo have some private time to explore their romance.

Besides, it’s getting hot out there on the sidewalks of Pine Street, and the dog days of summer loom. Precious needs to rest up a bit. She’s an old dog, and we have to take good care of her, pamper her a little now and then. 

Marilyn would want it that way.

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