Change is tough, even when it’s good. When change comes from outside our control and forces us out of our routines, we can easily feel overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed people are sometimes tempted to deny or minimize the source of their worries. We all do this, at times.

So today I talked to a friend who is worried about people not taking this situation seriously because they don’t want to “give in to fear.” We considered how acting out of fear and acting out of love will look in our new normal.

Where up to a few days ago, even, we might have used a hug to express love, today, we wave, dance, giggle, call out cheery “hellos” from at least six feet away.

Empty stadiums are a sign of love. Getting food to go is a sign of love. Staying six feet or more apart, it’s how we show we love our community.

Look around, and see the signs of love everywhere.

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