Any way the wind blows

Spring in my town is like this: sunrainwindhailsunrainsleetsunwind, windwindwindwindwin, sun.

Sometimes, that’s all in one day.

This pandemic is like that too, highs and lows and everything in between, all in a single day.

Good news = sun, bad news = rain, that cough I have every spring due to allergies = a hailstorm of worry. And the wind of anxiety under, around, on top of, and through it all.

I’m watching the trees outside rocking and rolling in the spring wind, and thinking this is another way we can help one another: offer reminders that seasons come and go. Batten down the hatches through this one, and we’ll be there when we all peek out again, in the more gentle atmosphere of summer.

One thought on “Any way the wind blows

  1. Xaxa, precioso el relato.
    De repente, estoy en Washington, viendo los árboles bajo el primaveral Sol de ese cachito de Tierra…
    a través de tu ventanas,
    de tus ojos.
    Sintiéndote en tus palabras.
    Muchas Gracias.


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