A few thoughts on leadership:

As we look to leaders on all levels – in our towns and counties, our state, our nation, our world – what we crave is the visible demonstration of commitment to service. There is so much uncertainty, every leader and decision-maker will err. No one will call every shot perfectly.

Because of this, the ethic of care and service is even more important. It is even more visible when a leader demonstrates it; and even more noticeably missing when a leader flouts its opposite: decisions based on self-aggrandizement, self-centeredness, and/or consolidation of power. (These are not mutually exclusive, certainly. Most leaders have egos; many of the most ego-centric leaders believe, on some level, that they are acting on behalf of others.) Care for others, when it drives decisions, offers a reassuring counterpoint to uncertainty.

We watch, listen, observe, and we build our understanding of how deeply committed a leader is to service. We can tell, we know the difference, and we respond accordingly. Support the leaders you see who are serving, even though they are imperfect. Hold all leaders accountable to the ethic of care. Offer your own leadership as service to others.

Care for yourselves and one another. 

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