Pine Street Episode 327: Autumn drifts in

“Good morning, my dear. The usual.” Jeeves greets Kassandra upon entering the coffee shop one delightfully crisp, clear, fall morning. The younger woman sets about making Jeeves’ coffee and selecting a plump, warm scone from the bakery shelf. 

“Is it Stitch and Bitch day already?” Kassandra asks, although she knows it is not.

“No, I just felt like a walk this morning. And a visit, truth be told. It’s been a while since we had a little chat.”

Kassandra flushes. “Sorry. I’ve been spending more time with David and Penny, I know.”

“Don’t apologize, dear. I am quite excited for you and this budding relationship. And equally curious. In fact, I should be asking you to forgive my nosiness.” 

Jeeves settles into a table, and Kassandra brings her coffee and scone. The shop is quiet; a few students are at a back table, nursing one drip coffee each while using the wi-fi on their phones. She decides to sit with Jeeves, for a few minutes, keeping one eye on the door for newly arrived customers.

“It’s a bit terrifying, really,” Kassandra says. “I mean, I love spending time with them. Penny is an amazing little girl. We have such fun together.”

“And David?” Jeeves sips her coffee and breaks off a piece of scone, blowing on it gently to cool off the steam from inside the pastry. 

“That’s the scary part. He’s lovely. I know he has this history here, and of course with Sasha. But he’s absolutely lovely now.”

“Are you afraid the dark side of him will return?” Jeeves asks. 

“Oh no, not at all. I mean, we all have a dark side. I’m sure I’ll see David’s at some point. But David doesn’t scare me. How I’m starting to feel about him, that’s the terrifying bit, Jeeves. I think I’m falling.”

The bell over the door rings, and a group of young moms enters. Kassandra recognizes them – they come once a week after escorting their kids to the school bus. 

“Go,” Jeeves says. “We can talk later. And Kassandra? Falling is great. Don’t be scared of it.”

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