June Jests – guest on Audra Middleton’s blog

Today's my turn to join Audra Middleton's June Jests series of interviews with authors who write funny. I mean, funny authors. Or something like that... Find out why possums are funny, and whether I would choose Brooklyn Nine Nine or Big Bang Theory. (And if you say huh? then my answer is for you!) Read … Continue reading June Jests – guest on Audra Middleton’s blog

Interview on Audra Writes

Fellow author (go read Watcher, now!) Audra Middleton interviewed me for her May Sci-Fi Madness month on her blog, Audra Writes.  Find out why I would make a terrible Hollywood casting director. (No, it's not what you think.) Read the interview here. And did I mention you should go read Audra's book Watcher? Do that, … Continue reading Interview on Audra Writes

As the Pages Turn (another interview)

Here's another great book site generous enough to interview me about An Alien's Guide to World Domination. I love the name - As the Pages Turn. Before you read my response, think about how you would answer this question for yourself: If you had an extra hour today, to do anything you wanted, what would … Continue reading As the Pages Turn (another interview)

I’m interviewed on Long and Short Reviews

Today I'm interviewed on Long and Short Reviews. The questions asked were so thoughtful and a lot of fun to answer. Read the interview to find out one person from my past I'd like to apologize to, and what my alien characters in An Alien's Guide to World Domination have in common with Charlie's Angels. … Continue reading I’m interviewed on Long and Short Reviews