Interview Outtakes

Two of my favorite responses to interview questions from the wonderful people at Long and Short Reviews wound up on the cutting room floor. But you, dear readers, get to enjoy them. Think of this as the “outtakes” section…

If you could have one paranormal ability, what would it be?

I wrote a whole novel about a woman who has the ability to write stories that come true, because a long time ago I got the kernel of an idea that this ability would be the one I’d pick, if I could. As I wrote the story, though, it became clear that like most paranormal abilities or superhero talents, it’s a double-edged sword. She writes stories that drive people away and wreak havoc with her life, until she figures out how to write her own truth, plain and simple. So I wouldn’t pick that ability now. I’d probably pick the ability to tele-transport myself anywhere I wanted to go, so I could avoid ever having to fly a commercial airline again. That would definitely be worth it. Sayonara, security lines! I get to keep my shoes on! Blink, and I’m in Paris! Or Kalamazoo, Indiana! Or wherever! Ha! Oh, and I’d make sure my tele-transporting abilities extended to include my luggage.

If you were stranded on a desert island and were only allowed to have five modern conveniences with you, what would they be?

I’m going to assume I have some way to generate electricity – if not, one of my five is a generator. Okay, moving on from there:

  • A toaster. When you are stressed, tired, wondering if you will be rescued from a desert island, or wondering if there is a purpose to life, make toast. Warm, crispy bread with butter or, for a real treat, peanut butter melting into its tiny crevices is primal comfort.
  • A radio. While you are eating toast, put a baseball game on the radio. Trust me, after the first five minutes, you won’t miss the televised parts. Listen to the announcer create the scene for you – the sky, the grass, the sound of the bat on the ball. Ahhhhhhh…
  • An iPod, full of my favorite music, and a few new surprises, with batteries that won’t die. Enough said.
  • A cast iron skillet. Is this a “modern convenience”? I don’t know. But you can cook anything, and I mean anything, in a cast iron skillet, and it will taste yummy. And I want a big one, that will hold pounds of sliced potatoes, and so I can also use it in self-defense, if needed.
  • As a writer, my last choice should be a computer with Scrivener (I adore that writing program). But I’m torn between that and a working cell phone, so I can call for rescue…. hmmm….

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