A good day starts with “what if…?”

A story starts with an idea. An idea that usually comes in the form of a question: “What if…?” What if misfits here on Earth turned out to be beings from other planets, all trying to figure out how to fit in? What if alien CEO’s were just as incompetent as many Earth bosses? What … Continue reading A good day starts with “what if…?”

All’s Fair

A poem written while sitting outside under the blue moon, watching a free concert by the Dusty 45's put on as part of the Kittitas County Fair celebration. The Dusty 45's were incredible, and the crowd was friendly. It's this week's Project Create. All’s Fair There’s the tiniest cowgirl in pink pajamas Sparkly shoes and … Continue reading All’s Fair

Just Like Life

A little baseball meditation, and this week's Project Create. (Nearly halfway through the year already - it's going by as fast as a fly ball tailing to right in the Ellensburg wind.) It's the first Saturday in June, and it's Babe Ruth baseball. Blue sky. Green grass. Brown dirt. Wind, because it's Ellensburg, carrying the … Continue reading Just Like Life

Endurance v. Art: And the winner is…

Update: If you were lucky enough to be at the Avolition show on the last Friday night of 2011, you already know. Mike H., Mike N., Andy, Dan, and Rob did themselves, the Demolition 2011 project, and those of us in the audience proud. They played the way we expected them to, with joy and … Continue reading Endurance v. Art: And the winner is…