All’s Fair

A poem written while sitting outside under the blue moon, watching a free concert by the Dusty 45’s put on as part of the Kittitas County Fair celebration. The Dusty 45’s were incredible, and the crowd was friendly. It’s this week’s Project Create.

The blue moon rises over the Davidson Building in downtown Ellensburg.

All’s Fair

There’s the tiniest cowgirl in pink pajamas

Sparkly shoes and a cowboy hat

That can barely contain her curls

There’s the oldest cowboy in starched Wranglers

Polished boots and a cowboy hat

That can barely contain his smile

Grandmas in fleece and sandals

Young women in Mennonite gingham

Young men lost in their beer

Strollers and wheelchairs

Toddlers and teens

Singles looking to couple

Couples wishing to be single

All’s fair.

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