Which kind are you?

Once again, I’m getting double-duty out of my monthly contribution to The Writer’s Vineyard, the blog for authors of Champagne Book Group. It’s appropriate, it seems, for this conversation on creativity to be this week’s Project Create.

Which kind are you?

One of my favorite inspirational views of this amazing Kittitas Valley.

In the middle of a long holiday weekend filled with gorgeous weather, joyful music, stunning views, good friends new and old, and too much food to mention, one friend says to those of us assembled around the table:

“There are two kinds of musicians: those who are making music, and those who are making excuses.”

Caught up short, I think about how long it’s been since I’ve done any real writing. There’s my next novel manuscript that needs about one intensive week of polishing to be ready to send out; there’s the memoir I’m helping my friend write about being a Cuban exile, that I need to catch up from our last interview, a session with his foster sister, now in her seventies; there’s the short story that’s due in a couple of months. When was the last time I worked – not fretted, stewed, or avoided – on any of these projects?

I can’t quite recall, which really sounds the alarm bell in my head. There are only two kinds of writers, too, I hear my conscience whisper. Which kind are you?

Read the rest here.

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