Our memories of this time

This weekend in the United States, we take an extra day off work to honor those who died in military service. "Memorial" - the name calls out our intention to use our memories in this way. Memory looks backward, brings the past into the present, brings those lost into our immediate awareness, and makes them … Continue reading Our memories of this time

The interdependence of life

Last night we watched a Nature special on the wildlife of Cuba. Beautiful, funny, terrifying. (I'd forgotten how these depictions of animal life always include the element of menace: a baby sea turtle, hours old, madly paddling her way across the sand to the ocean, the deep water that is, for her, relative safety; we … Continue reading The interdependence of life

“Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father’s passing.”

Harper Lee passed today, at the age of 89. A woman of many accomplishments I'm sure we'll never know about, she is most honored for writing To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm one of those who considers it among the most beautiful books I've ever read. Among the books I can read often, gleaning something new … Continue reading “Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father’s passing.”

Independence from…

My tradition for July 4 is to declare independence from something important. Not that the British Empire isn't important... oh, wait, right. It's not an Empire any longer, is it. (No offense, Brit friends - it's more that our world doesn't really need that whole Imperial jazz, you know, we seem to get along better without it.) … Continue reading Independence from…

One Year of Lucky 13 Stories

Last September, the 13th fell on a Friday. That evening as the sun set, my brother married his true love, exchanging vows in the shallow waters of a mineral lake left by ancient glaciers. It was a day of the best kind of luck for our family, and inspired this series of Lucky 13 stories. … Continue reading One Year of Lucky 13 Stories

The Courage to Be Myself: Real-Life Lessons from Fiction by Olga Godim

This month's Fictional Lesson for an All-Too-Real Life is from Olga Godim, a freelance journalist from Vancouver, Canada. Her passion is fantasy fiction. Olga's short fantasy stories have appeared in multiple internet and print magazines, and her high fantasy novels Almost Adept and Eagle en Garde were published recently by Champagne/Burst Books. As an indie writer, … Continue reading The Courage to Be Myself: Real-Life Lessons from Fiction by Olga Godim