Pine Street Episode 274: Rewind

While Louise listens to her daughter’s story of her tenth birthday, and the forgiveness it brought, Kassandra works the counter at the coffee shop. She smiles as she sees her new friend Jeeves arrive. 

“But it isn’t Stitch and Bitch day, is it?” Kassandra asks while making Jeeves’ order, an Americano with an extra shot. 

“No, I’m here to see you, of course,” Jeeves answers. “How’ve you been? Tell me what you’re working on, art-wise.”

Kassandra is taken aback by Jeeves’ directness. She realizes she’s not used to people coming into the shop just for her. She scans the coffee shop: no one needs her, not at this moment. Reading her thoughts, Jeeves prompts her. “Come sit with me for five minutes. If anyone comes in, you’ll hop up and help them.”

It’s not exactly against the code of the barista, taking a break with a customer who is also a friend, as long as you make sure no other customers are slighted. So Kassandra sits down at a small table on the far side of the shop from Louise and Jessie, and tells Jeeves all about the Spiral of Life out at River’s place, and how uncertain she is about what to tackle next. She has ideas, but none of them are taking life yet.

“Oh, well, art is like cats,” Jeeves says. “They choose you, you don’t choose them.” 

Kassandra laughs at the truth of this. 

“I’ll tell you what to do,” Jeeves goes on. “Hang out with this River person. Listen carefully to their stories. My bet is, the next project will be revealed in one of them, but only if you don’t look too hard for it. Just listen.”

The bell over the front door jingles, indicating a new customer. Kassandra hops up, takes the order, makes the coffee (vanilla soy latte, if she only had a nickel for everyone of those she’d made the last five years, she could retire, Kassandra muses), delivers it. 

By the time all this is done, Louise and Jessie have left, their table tidily bussed. 

Jeeves is also on her way out the door. “See you soon, my dear. I can hardly wait to hear what happens next.”

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