Beautiful Nonsense

Today (February 22) is Edward Gorey's birthday. He died in 2000, but if he was alive, he'd turn 88 this year. As an artist, his illustrations depicted all kinds of dark, dangerous, delightfully silly people and places. This picture is one of his etchings, available for purchase here. It's called "Figbash on Etc." Which is … Continue reading Beautiful Nonsense

An elephant never forgets

Two nights ago, I went to hear a jazz recital by some of the faculty and students in the music department at Central Washington University. The music was terrific, a lovely swinging reminder of one of the main benefits of living in a college town. Afterward, I met a local artist known for his woodworking … Continue reading An elephant never forgets

Endurance v. Art: And the winner is…

Update: If you were lucky enough to be at the Avolition show on the last Friday night of 2011, you already know. Mike H., Mike N., Andy, Dan, and Rob did themselves, the Demolition 2011 project, and those of us in the audience proud. They played the way we expected them to, with joy and … Continue reading Endurance v. Art: And the winner is…

Here’s a good poet. Seriously.

I am not big on contemporary poetry - here's an exception. It mentions animal sweatshirts, but it is not, like many contemporary poems, an ode to the adorable-ness of a cat, nor does it invite us to know waaay too much about the poet's inner angst, like many other contemporary poems. Instead, it's funny. It … Continue reading Here’s a good poet. Seriously.