NeoNaNo Day 7

Over the past four days I’ve accomplished more writing time than in the last four weeks…okay, maybe even the last four months. I’m pinging back and forth between two works-in-progress, and loving them both. (Note to self: maybe the key to motivation for revisions is to have more than one in play, so when that icky stuck bored feeling creeps into one, we can switch to the other. PS: that’s “we” as in me and my imagination…)

Soon I’ll start sharing excerpts. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll dive right in to releasing the serial episodes I’m working on. Or maybe not.

No rules this time.

Just writing.

(For inspiration, here’s a photo of a reclaimed metal sculpture I got at our town’s art walk this last weekend. Three owls = triple the wisdom?)

Metal sculpture of three owls on a branch


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