Writing Tips from Champagne Book Group Authors

Here it is... in one massive blog post, every bit of advice you'll ever want about writing. (Until you need your next dose, that is!) Twenty-five CBG authors contributed their suggestions, recommendations, warnings, advisories, cautions, and inspirations. Here's one of mine: Write what you know. This seems to be the most common advice given to … Continue reading Writing Tips from Champagne Book Group Authors

Digging Out

My monthly post on The Writers Vineyard is all about the inscrutability of Mother Nature, and of the creative process. Mother Nature is inscrutable. Much like our writing muses, who tend to extremes. Blizzards of ideas and inspiration almost too much to manage alternate with dry periods when we search the horizon for signs of … Continue reading Digging Out

An invitation to trust

The most important things I learned from attending the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association conference in Seattle last week: Our creative process is powerful and tenacious. Our job is to translate the gifts our imaginations give us as accurately as possible. Our work is to build the craft to allow us to complete that translation. Our … Continue reading An invitation to trust

Inspiration, Part 2

Maybe I should do a whole series on finding inspiration, as right now, it seems to be everywhere. I'm reading voraciously to help develop what my old psychology professors might call a "felt sense" of the middle-grade reader. On a whim I picked up The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster from the Ellensburg Public Library. I … Continue reading Inspiration, Part 2