Writing Tips from Champagne Book Group Authors

Here it is… in one massive blog post, every bit of advice you’ll ever want about writing. (Until you need your next dose, that is!)

Twenty-five CBG authors contributed their suggestions, recommendations, warnings, advisories, cautions, and inspirations. Here’s one of mine:

Write what you know. This seems to be the most common advice given to writers, and it’s sound. But if you are like me, you also want to write what you don’t know, write what you seek to learn, write that which you crave to discover. Let writing be your exploration of all aspects of this expansive human life.



2 thoughts on “Writing Tips from Champagne Book Group Authors

  1. Really enjoyed these and completely agree with all of them. The most important I’ve learned is to write everyday. Turn off editing brain until you’ve written what you’re going to write and at the end if the day, you can feel accomplished. Editing comes easier, even if you hate everything you wrote because at least you have something new on the page to toy with. Thanks for sharing!!


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