Workshop: Write on the River

Mark your calendars, North Central Washington peeps - I am thrilled to be one of the workshop facilitators at Write on the River, May 13-15. On Saturday afternoon, I'll engage a bunch of writers in exploring the power of our imaginations to fuel our creativity. Write on the River - May 13-15 in Wenatchee, Washington Also presenting: … Continue reading Workshop: Write on the River

The Care and Feeding of Creativity – on CBG Blog

This week on the Champagne Book Group blog, I share five (or six) items on my list of resolutions for the care and feeding of creativity in this (still) new year. Here's number 4: "Every day, recognize someone else’s efforts. Easy, because every day someone helps me in ways large or small. Thank the person … Continue reading The Care and Feeding of Creativity – on CBG Blog

Joining the conversation

It was the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr day in 2008 when a conversation with a friend sparked what would become An Alien's Guide to World Domination.  We pondered the meaning of a holiday devoted to a complicated human who, nonetheless, consistently spoke of peace and love. We wondered if there were ways to … Continue reading Joining the conversation

In the New Year, Befriend Your Ego

Wrapping up the old year and bringing in the new, my monthly contribution to The Writers' Vineyard invites us to see the Ego as a source for drama in fiction... rather than real life. The Ego, after all, knows well how to create Drama. Conflict. Tension. Spectacle. These form the home turf of the Ego. … Continue reading In the New Year, Befriend Your Ego

Disabling the inner editor

One of my favorite parts of NaNoWriMo - giving my inner editor's mean side a thirty-day vacation. While she buffers in the background, here's my monthly contribution to the Writers' Vineyard. An excerpt: My inner editor can, at times, make my work better. But like the older operating system and browser on my MacBook, sooner … Continue reading Disabling the inner editor

An invitation to trust

The most important things I learned from attending the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association conference in Seattle last week: Our creative process is powerful and tenacious. Our job is to translate the gifts our imaginations give us as accurately as possible. Our work is to build the craft to allow us to complete that translation. Our … Continue reading An invitation to trust

Inspiration for adventure

Every writer, every artist in another "official" medium, and every artist of life in general, needs inspiration. The good news is, inspiration is everywhere. The trick is to recognize it when we see it. Today I saw inspiration in a new friend of mine. J. is about five feet tall, and weighs something like one … Continue reading Inspiration for adventure

Guess I’d better go find out…

It's been quite a week since An Alien's Guide released on April Fool's Day. I'm amazed at the ways readers have responded so far. I hope this story continues to touch people, make them laugh and wonder who else in our world might be from another planet, for a long time to come. And, tonight, it … Continue reading Guess I’d better go find out…