Meeting Readers

Pybus Market LogoOn Saturday, February 28, I’ll join about 10 authors at the lovely Pybus Market in Wenatchee for a Local Author Book Buzz day, sponsored by indie bookstore A Book for All Seasons.

I love meeting readers. Even if you don’t read the kind of books I write, I still want to meet you. To chat for a moment, share our love of great stories, the way books make us feel, the joy of starting a new tale, the mix of bliss and loss when we finish one.

We have at least three major rock and roll birthdays to celebrate this week, too: Johnny Cash, Fats Domino, and George Harrison. Mention any of these amazing musicians to me, and I’ll give you the gift of a notebook to write your own story (or music) in. 2014-06-25_17-18-06_953

Books and music make life worth living. Meeting other humans who love them too, that’s a recipe for a joyful Saturday.

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