Remember this? April 1, 2013

An Alien's Guide to World Domination was published on April 1, 2013. Although it is now in its terrible threes (as stubborn and contrary as any three-year-old you know), on the day it was published, I posted this: Since An Alien's Guide went on sale this morning: Cyprus restored its economy, and prosperity is breaking … Continue reading Remember this? April 1, 2013

Hero Stories: On the Writers’ Vineyard

My contribution to The Writers' Vineyard this month explains my Great-Aunt-Emma's superpower: unconditional love. ...if I had to give Aunt Emma a superpower, it would be unconditional love. Countless of us kids and cousins remember the sparkle in her blue eyes, her warm hugs, her enormous smiles whenever we came within view - and no … Continue reading Hero Stories: On the Writers’ Vineyard

June Jests – guest on Audra Middleton’s blog

Today's my turn to join Audra Middleton's June Jests series of interviews with authors who write funny. I mean, funny authors. Or something like that... Find out why possums are funny, and whether I would choose Brooklyn Nine Nine or Big Bang Theory. (And if you say huh? then my answer is for you!) Read … Continue reading June Jests – guest on Audra Middleton’s blog